Other Disclosure

Other Disclosure
Related Party Transactions 30.09.2022
AGM Transcript 28.09.2022
Appointment of Company Secretary_07.10.2022
Letters of Appointment of Independent Directors 29.08.2022
PCS Certificate for Preferential Allotment
Intimation of Resignation of Ms. Saloni Naidu from the post of Company Secretary & Compliance Officer w.e.f. 25.06.2022

Annual Secretarial Compliance Reports 

Certificate under Regulation 7(3) 

Certificate under Regulation 74(5) of SEBI (DP) Regulations, 2018
Certificate 30.06.2022

Closure of Trading Window
Trading Window Closure_30.09.2022
Trading Window Closure_30.06.2022

Report under Regulation 76 of SEBI (DP) Regulations, 2018

Trading Window Closure_4th Qtr._31.03.2022
EGM Transcript 24.01.2022
Trading Window Closure_3rd Qtr._31.12.2021
Trading Window Closure_2nd Qtr._30.09.2021
AGM Transcript 27.09.2021
Trading Window Closure _1st Qtr._30.06.2021
Trading Window Closure_4th Qtr._31.03.2021
Trading WIndow Closure_3rd Qtr._31.12.2020
AGM Transcript 05.11.2020
Trading Window Closure _2nd Qtr._30.09.2020
Form ISR-4
E-Voting Intimation for EGM 24.01.2022
Book Closure Intimation for EGM on 24.01.2022
Form ISR 1
Form ISR 2
Form ISR 3
Form No. SH-13
Form No. SH-14
Book Closure for AGM 2021
E-Voting for AGM 2021
MGT-7 F.Y. 2020-2021.
Book Closure for the AGM 2020
E Voting for the AGM 2020.
Appointment of Company Secretary 01.10.2020.
Resignation of Company Secretary 30.09.2020
E-Voting for the AGM 2019
Book Closure for the AGM 2019
Appointment of Company Secretary
Resignation of Company Secretary
Familiarization Programme Details
Familiarization Programme Details